Low Cost UPVC Front Doors

Low Cost UPVC Front Doors

Green Deal Advice Report (GDAR)

It is produced by the assessor and should include an energy performance certificate (EPC), occupancy assessment and recommendations within the report for the type of energy efficient improvements that could be made under the scheme at no up-front cost.

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You may be able to include the cost of the assessment in the Green Deal finance package, dependent on the options offered by a Green Deal provider.

More about the UK Green Deal

Every home and business can get assessed for energy-efficiency – this assessment is the Green Deal Advice Report (GDAR) and as mentioned above, it needs to be done by a qualified Green Deal Advisor (GDA).

Certified Green Deal Installers (GDI):

Only properly authorised and certified companies can do green deal installations (for example, cost of double glazing UK) and will be known as Green Deal Installers; these are the only companies that you should use carry out the work.

GDI’s need to display the Green Deal Quality Mark, follow a strict code of practice and have signed up to the Green Deal Arrangements Agreement and Hold a valid CCA (consumer credit) licence

Green Deal Quality Mark:

This is the logo or certification mark for properly authorised Green Deal Participants.

The mark must be displayed in order to identify the company as a legitimate participant in the scheme.

Green Deal Advice Reports (GDAR)

The Green Deal Providers are responsible for customer quotes and it’s based on your properties’ Green Deal Advice Report (GDAR) which was created the Green Deal assessor that surveyed your property – for example, to install double glazing.

The quote should display all the costs involved in implementing the suggested measures and improvements, including the individual costs of the work, finance and any other associated expenses. Not only that, but there should be an estimate of the energy bill savings (based on the estimate on the EPC within the report) and what period the savings might be made based on having the specified work done.

In terms of the whole package of measures, this is where the “Golden Rule” can be applied – the rule says that:

The size of the instalment should not be more than the saving estimated, and the duration of the charge mustn’t be more than the estimated lifespan of the measure.

What this means is, that the scheme is designed in such a way that the cost of repaying the Green Deal package will be funded from the savings on your energy bills – potentially allowing customers to improve their homes at no cost to themselves. Of course, each case will depend on the circumstances for the individual property in question.

Double Glazing & the UK Green Deal

The UK Government announced a £3.5 million fund of money for the Green Deal. This funding is intended to help create 1,000 Green Deal Apprenticeships and has been approved in order to go towards training new Energy Assessors, because the UK Government believe having fully trained, skilled professionals is essential to make the scheme run effectively.

The Green Deal is designed to provide zero deposit, or part deposit, advances financing for home improvements that meet certain criteria within the field of renewable energy, energy savings and heat storage.

What it means to individuals is that if you are planning to install upvc windows & doors, then you may be eligible for a loan to meet all or part of the cost. This loan will be at very competitive rates of interest and the repayment schedule will be worked out to match the savings made on the energy bills.

The qualification for the Green Deal financing will be based on a home energy assessment survey by one of the previously mentioned Energy Assessors who will produce an Energy Performance Certificate (EPC) for your property.

Once you have an EPC and are approved for your Green Deal financing you can happily get on with the task of looking for the best upvc double glazing prices in the market. One of the simplest ways to do this is to go on-line and find a good quality Double Glazing Quotes comparison site, where they will arrange for a free home survey and written quotations for you.